T1 Profile FS™

T1. The new ONE and only fixture you need for theatre, television and touring and now with the option to be connected to the Robe innovative RoboSpot system. The T1 Profile FollowSpot is equipped with the digital camera on the head and can be connected with the RoboSpot BaseStation for off-stage follow spot operation.

Light source

MSL™ 550 W Multi-Spectral LED engine

Light output

up to 12.600 lm, CRI 95+, + - Green Correction Function, Cpulse™ special flicker free management for HD and UHD cameras

Zoom range

7° - 49°


Rotating gobo wheel, Animation Wheel, Framing Shutters, 6-facet rotating prism

| ROBE lighting

Specifically designed to fulfil the challenging requirements of these diverse applications within one comprehensive fixture. The new revolutionary MSL™ (Multi-Spectral Light) LED engine’s output reaches 12.600 lumens. It’s impressively bright.

T1 Profile is full of theatrical subtlety. With CMY colour control, DataSwatch™ filters containing a selection of pre-programmed colours via the new generation RCC™ (Robe Colour Calibration) algorithm and a wide ranging 2700K to 8000K CCT control, all variations of colour are possible for even the most demanding designers. The precise needs of theatrical dimming are catered to with our super smooth Robe 18-bit dimming system. In addition, the high CRI of 95+ provides natural skin tones.

For television work, we have included a plus and minus green channel and Cpulse™ special flicker-free management for all vision systems such as HD and UHD cameras. All this combined with our crisp framing shutter system, full zoom range of 0,5° and 10° variable frosts, specially designed breakup and aerial gobos, animation wheel and prism, gives you total control of your designs in theatre, television and touring.

You need only ONE. T1.

Technical Specification


Light source type: MSL™ 550 W Multi-Spectral LED engine (Patented)

LED life expectancy: min. 40.000 hours

Colour rendition:

  • CRI: 95, CRI R9: 91, TM30-18 Rf: 93, TM30-18 Rg: 103, TLCI: 94

Typical lumen maintenance: L70/B50 @ 40.000 hours

Light source warranty: 3 years or 20.000 hours

Optical system

Robe’s proprietary optical design

High - efficiency zoom optical system, ratio 7:1

Zoom range: 7° - 49°, covers favoured field angles of most Theatre and TV lights

Fixture total lumen output:

  • 12.600 lm (integrating sphere)

  • 10.075 lm (goniophotometer)

Output lens diameter: 140 mm

Dynamic Effects and Features

Factory calibrated whites and colours via the new RCC™ (Robe Colour Calibration) system, automatic or on-call self-re-calibration of the LED engine without the use of any external tool (Patent pending)

Colour mixing: CMY/RGB or RGBAL

White light: Variable CCT 2.700K - 8.000K

DataSwatch™ filters: pre-programmed 237 colours and tones including most used whites 2.700K, 3.200K, 4.200K, 5.600K and 8.000K

Tungsten lamp effect: 750W, 1.000W, 1.200W, 2.000W, 2.500W lamp emulation for whites from 2.700K to 4200K (red shift and thermal delay)

+ - Green correction function

Adjustable CRI from 80 to 95 +

MCE™ - Split and multicoloured effects created directly from the LED engine (Patented)

Framing shutters: Patented Plano4™ framing shutters module with 4 individually positionable blades plus rotation of the complete frame system + - 60°

Rotating gobo wheel: 7 rotating, indexable and replaceable breakup and aerial gobos + open, all gobos specially selected for theatrical and TV productions

Animation wheel: Aluminium animation wheel, used alone or in combination with gobos, rotating in both directions at variable speed

Prism: 6 - facet 8° prism rotating in both directions at variable speed

Iris: Motorized, stepless, pulse effects up to 3 Hz

Frosts: MagFrost™ - magnetic paddle fast change system providing exchangeable frosts containing as standard a very light 0.5° for instant softening of the projected gobo or framing shutters, and a medium 10° for even wash, both specifically selected for theatre and TV use

Hot-Spot: from flat field to 6:1 hot-spot (optional)

Motorized zoom and focus

Electronic strobe effect with variable speed up to 20 Hz

Pre-programmed random strobe & pulse effects

L3™ - (Low Light Linearity) Imperceptible 18 bit dimming for ultra smooth fade to black

Extremely quiet operation suitable for all types of production in Theatre and TV

Cpulse™ special flicker-free management for HD and UHD cameras, ready for 8K and 16K

AirLOC™ (Less Optical Cleaning) technology greatly reduces the level of airborne particles drawn over the optical elements. This increases the overall performance, light quality and time between routine cleaning and maintenance.

Control and programming

Setting & Addressing: ROBE Navigation System 2 (RNS2)

Display: QVGA Robe touch screen with battery backup, gravitation sensor for auto screen positioning, operation memory service log with RTC, stand-alone operation with 3 editable programs (each up to 100 steps), built-in analyser for easy fault finding

Protocols: USITT DMX-512, RDM, ArtNet, MA Net, MA Net2, sACN

REAP™ - Robe Ethernet Access Portal

Epass™: Ethernet pass through switch which sustains Ethernet integrity, when the fixture has no power, to automatically maintain network connectivity - on request

Wireless CRMX™ technology from Lumen Radio - on request

DMX Protocol modes: 3

Control channels: 49, 33, 53

Pan/Tilt resolution: 16 bit

Colour mixing: 8 or 16 bit (internal 18 bit)

Variable CCT: 8 bit

Adjustable CRI: 8 bit

+ - Green correction: 8 bit

Framing shutters module movement & rotation: 8 bit

Rotating gobo wheel positioning: 8 bit

Gobo indexing & rotation: 8 or 16 bit

Animation wheel: 8 bit

Prism indexing & rotation: 8 bit

Iris: 8 or 16 bit

Frost: 8 bit

Zoom: 8 or 16 bit

Focus: 8 or 16 bit

Dimmer: 8 or 16 bit (internal 18 bit)


Pan movement: 540°

Tilt movement: 265°

Movement control: Standard and Speed

Automatic Pan/Tilt position correction

EMS™: Electronic Motion Stabilizer system for Pan & Tilt reducing beam deviation caused by truss movement or vibration (Patented)

Rotating gobos

7x rotating glass gobos

Image diameter: 23.5 mm

Outside diameter: 26.8 mm

Thickness: 1 mm

Max. thickness: 3.5 mm

High temperature borofloat or better glass

"SLOT&LOCK" system for easy replacement of gobos

Effect wheel

Single animation wheel

Material: Aluminium

Can be used alone or in combination with rotating gobos

Rotating in both directions, variable speed

Framing shutters system

Shutters: 4 Blades, each with separate movement and +- 25° rotation control

Movement: smooth with variable speed

Smooth and very precise motion of framing shutters

Rotation: +- 60° of the complete framing system


Type: SNZ-6320

Resolution: 1920 x 1080, 16:9 Full HD (1080p) resolution support


  • 32x optical zoom

  • 16x digital zoom

Streaming: H.264, MPEG dual codec, Multiple streaming

Vision: Day & Night (ICR), WDR (120dB)

Minimum illumination: 0.3 Lux

Thermal specification

Maximum ambient temperature: 45°C (113°F)

Maximum surface temperature: 70°C (158°F)

Minimum operating temperature: -5°C (23°F)

Noise Levels

Sound pressure level:

  • 24 dB(A) at 1 m (quiet mode)

  • 30 dB(A) at 1 m (auto mode)

Sound power level:

  • 32 dB(A) (quiet mode)

  • 38 dB(A) (auto mode)

Electrical specification and connections

Power supply: Electronic auto-ranging

Input voltage range: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: maximum 750 W at 230 V / 50 Hz (all LEDs On)

Power in connector: Neutrik powerCON TRUE1

DMX and RDM data in/out: Locking 3-pin & 5-pin XLR

Ethernet port in: RJ45


CE Compliant

cETLus Compliant

Mechanical specification

Height: 726 mm (28.6") - head in horizontal position

Width: 400 mm (15.7")

Depth: 258 mm (10.2") - head in horizontal position

Weight: 25.5 kg (56.2 lbs)

Ingress protection rating: IP20


Mounting positions: Horizontally or vertically

Universal operating position

Mounting points: 2 pairs of 1/4-turn locking points

2x Omega adaptors with 1/4-turn quick locks

Safety cable attachment point

Pan and Tilt transport locks

Included items

User Manual

Omega Adaptor CL-regular 2 pcs: 10980033

Power cord including powerCON TRUE1 In connector

RoboSpot Camera

Gel frame adaptor: 10980440

Optional accessories

7.5" Gel Frame: 10980443 (compatible with standard adaptor 10980440 only)

Gel frame adaptor (T1 with Top Hat): 10980474

Top hat: 10980451 (compatible with optional adaptor 10980474 only)

Doughty Trigger Clamp: 17030386

Frost 0.5° (exchange) assembled: 10980583

Frost 1° (exchange) assembled: 10980578

Frost 5° (exchange) assembled: 10980573

Frost 10° (exchange) assembled: 10980497

Frost 20° (exchange) assembled: 10980574

Frost 30° (exchange) assembled: 10980584

Hot-Spot lens in gobo holder: 10980483

Safety wire 36 kg: 99011963

Single Top Loader Case: 10120244-03

Dual Top Loader Case: 10120245-03

Foam Shell: 20020340-01


T1 Profile FS™ is a Trademark of Robe lighting s. r. o.

T1 Profile FS™ is patented by Robe lighting s. r. o. and is protected by one or more pending or issued patents


Rotating Gobo Wheel








Animation Wheel