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Robe Helps Love and Change the World!

Romeo e Giulietta - Ama e cambia il Mondo (Romeo and Juliet - Love and Change the World) continued its highly successful tour of Italy with a lighting design by Fabrizio Moggio from leading technical production and rental company BOTW from Rome.

Prominent on the rig were 19 x Robe Spiiders, 8 x DLS Profiles and six LEDWash 600s.

Romeo e Giulietta - Ama e cambia il Mondo is a French and English musical show by Gerard Preggurvic that was created in 2001 at the Paris Congress Palace, inspired by Shakespeare’s original masterpiece … but very different! The original English text is not used, most of the characters are aware of the ‘secret’ marriage of the two lovers, and the death of the two protagonists varies depending on which country is staging the production!

The main lighting positions for this Italian tour were provided by four overhead trusses, with the Spiiders distributed across all of these - front, two mids and rear.

Fabrizio explained that he was asked to replace a number of 1200 / 1500W discharge sources for this revival of the show by Vivo Concerti, which was originally produced in Italy in 2013.

Fabrizio’s first choice for this task was Spiiders. “They are excellent LED wash beams, the colour mixing is fantastically smooth together and the homogenized source has real quality and class” he enthused, adding that having Spiiders allow them to rig everything much quicker on get ins, saving time and “significantly” improving the quality of the light and the resulting coverage across the stage.

“The colour temperature is wonderful, and it produces perfect red, green and blue tones” he stated.

He’s also impressed that it can emulate tungsten characteristics, and, if used in CMY mode, can recreate cyan using the red and green RGB colours, eliminating the white and instead recognizing cold white via the internal CMY detection function; “it’s a truly intelligent LED luminaire”, he declared.

The LEDWash 600s were positioned on a box truss above the stage with some projecting onto the black and white backdrop, while the DLS Profiles sat on some of the low scenery flats and were primarily used to ‘shape’ the scenic houses of the two warring families at the heart of the narrative - the Montecchis and the Capuletis.

For this task, a luminaire with accurate shuttering was ideal because it must be “absolutely precise in every way” confirmed Fabrizio.

The elaborate video elements – it was utilized as digital scenery – were overseen by Massimo Gasbarro for BOTW, and the company also developed a custom automated scenery system for the production.

Romeo e Giulietta - Ama e cambia il mondo toured until November and played a final stop at Bari’s Teatro Team.

BOTW S.r.l. provided the full technical package including set and scenics, structures, audio, video, lighting and rigging.


Photo Credit: Alessandro Dobici

Robe Helps Love and Change the World!
Robe Helps Love and Change the World!
Robe Helps Love and Change the World!