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Robe Launches another 7 New Environmentally Friendly products at PLASA

Robe Launches another 7 groundbreaking new environmentally friendly products at PLASA 2010 - in addition to the ROBIN LEDWash 600 and 300 fixtures that were detailed in a separate press release.

These latest developments are all part of Robe's new "Think of the Future - Consider Nature" drive, which underlines the company's commitment to developing truly unique, genuinely power saving products that are smaller, lighter, brighter and utilising the latest lightsource technology and control systems, but with all the intensity and output of their predecessors that used more powerful lamps.


The Robe ROBIN MMX Spot is built on the successful ROBIN platform and has an  optimized optical path utilizing a brand new 800 W discharge lamp, this combination produces prominent light output which exceeds that of the currently available 1200W discharge fixtures.

Many features include a speedy 8.5 - 42.5 zoom range, complemented by two rotating gobo wheels and a revolutionary  designed animation wheel (patent pending) which can be combined for the creation of spectacular and complex new effects. DMX controlled noise reduction of the unique cooling system make this fixture ideal for low noise environments needing high light output.

Other features include a CMY and CTO dichroic colour flag system, for smooth and quick colour mixing, variable frost effect and remote beam flatness and hot-spot control. The RNS2 navigation system has an LCD touch screen, battery back-up and gravity sensor for auto screen positioning, so it's always the right way up whatever the orientation of the fixture.

ROBIN® 600 Plasma Spot

The mega-bright ROBIN® 600 Plasma Spot moving light maximises all the unique possibilities offered by the highly innovative Plasma lamp technology - a usage that Robe has pioneered in the moving light industry.

This includes a perfect colour rendering index (CRI) of 94, an extremely flat and even light beam (1:1.5) and a lamp lifespan of over 10,000 hours with a very powerful output of high quality light. The ROBIN® 600 Plasma Spot can provide lighting solutions in situations with very demanding requirements for all types of live events and for HD recording.

The ROBIN 600 Plasma Spot uses the Luxim Lifi ENT 31-04 480W plasma lamp source, with a Luminous Flux of 30,000 Lm and a CCT of 5600 K. It has a linear motorised zoom of 10 - 40 degrees for additional dynamics, fast and smooth colour mixing via a CTO and CMY dichroic colour flag system in conjunction with a light homogenisation system. It has a frost effect, both rotating and static gobo wheels, rotating indexable prism and very fast motorised iris, electronic dimming of between 20 and 100 % plus a highly effective strobe,

ROBIN 600E Spot

The ROBIN® 600 Spot has a dramatically increased light output (compared to the ROBIN 300 Series) and lower power requirements, thanks to a hot-rodded optical path made from carefully selected components.

The super strong light-output can be maximised by using ROBE´s unique Hot Spot Control system, together with the linear iris to create very powerful tight beam effects. An innovative patented cooling system ensures the best lamp operating temperatures and allows DMX controlled noise reduction. Users have complete control of all features of this fixture, making it ideal for low noise applications which also need high light output - like theatres and presentations.

It uses the new Philips MSR Gold 575/2 MiniFastFit lamp, giving a CCT of 7,400° K and a luminous flux of 36,000 Lm, along with a CRI of 68 and 750 hours lamp life.

The linear motorized zoom of 10°– 45° (2° - min. zoom with iris, 56° - max. zoom with frost) increases the dynamics and scope of the unit, which also has a CMY + CTO dichroic colour flag system for smooth, fast colour mixing. There is a colour wheel with 7 + 1 user replaceable magnetic "SLOT & LOCK” trapezoid shaped positions, and 2 gobo wheels - one rotating and one static, plus a 3-facet 11° rotating indexable prism. The motorized iris is extremely fast and the electronic ballast can help create amazing dimming and strobing effects.

ROBIN 600E Wash

The ROBIN® 600 Wash also features a massively increased light output and lower power requirements – thanks to an optimized optical path. The HotSpot Control on the Wash 600 is even more sensitive using the powerful Philips MSR Gold 575/2 MiniFastFit lamp. A unique silent control system enables users to carefully adjust to the desired noise levels whilst maintaining the best lamp operating temperatures, due to the newly patented lamp cooling system. All "top hat" accessories are compatible with the new ROBIN 600 Wash fixture.

The motorised zoom is from 10 - 35 degrees. A CMY + CTO dichroic colour flag system facilitates quick, smooth colour mixing and there are 7 + 1 user replaceable magnetic "SLOT & LOCK” trapezoid shaped positions on the colour wheel. The
Mechanical dimmer/shutter and electronic ballast with dimming and electronic strobing gives highly effective 1 – 10 Hz strobe effects.

ROBIN® 600E Beam

The ROBIN® 600 Beam has an amazing linear iris ranging between 1 and 6.5 degrees. By implementing this feature over a wider range, users can have full control over the beam size. More gobos in the gobo wheels enhance customizable beam shaping. Two black-hole positions are available for a full and fast blackout in dark-sensitive environments. The extended focusing range additionally allows for very precise focusing, starting with closer distances.

The ROBIN 600 Beam uses the new Philips MSR Gold 575/2 MiniFastFit lamp, and has an electronic auto ranging power supply, 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz. The RNS2 – Innovated Robe Navigation System offers LCD touch screen and battery backup, with gravitation sensor for auto screen positioning whatever the fixture's orientation and operation memory. Other features include motorized focus, variable frost effect, and pulse sequences. The very fast motorized iris, opening and closing pulses up to 3 Hz and via the mechanical dimmer/shutter, strobe effects of 1– 10 Hz can be achieved.

CityLine 48

The latest Cree multichip LED technology is harnessed in these customizable powerful LED battens with an unbeatably strong and uniform light output, suitable for all applications needing large areas washed with smooth and beautifully coloured light. Built in a durable aluminium housing with IP 65 rating with embedded power supply unit, the bright multichip LEDs are calculated to create ideal colour mixing in a single-point-source definable pixel pitch. Quietly convection cooled, control protocols like DMX and RDM allow easy setup via the Control display screen, and daisy chaining of DMX and power lines is possible via Powercon connectors. An integrated universal mounting system enables the CityLine48 to be floor mounted or hung in any position on walls or trusses.

The standard beam angle is 24°, with 38 x 24° as optional. Other features include white balance adjustment, 255 inbuilt colour Macros, a 4 digit LED display, 2 - 8 DMX control channels with RDM support and 3 user-editable programmes up to 68 steps each. It will work in stand alone mode, DMX and master/slave operation.

CityFlex 48

CityFlex 48 is a great innovation. Using the latest Cree multichip LED technology, these powerful customizable units with an unbeatably strong and uniform light output are suitable for any application. The unique design (patent pending) allows multiple lighting formats from one fixture - be it a compact floodlight format, traditional linear LED format or a variety of different angled options. The fixture´s incredible flexibility means previously unobtainable effects are now available ..... from a single unit.  

Housed in a durable aluminium casting IP 65 rated, the CityFlex48 is fitted with bright multichip LEDs that create excellent colour mixing in single-point-of-source with definable pixel pitch. A universal mounting system gives multiple rigging options for floor, wall or on to trussing . A separate quiet convection cooled control unit running via DMX, RDM and other protocols allows easy setup via control display screens, while DMX and power lines can be daisy chained via Powercon connectors.

ROBIN® 600E Spot