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Anolis at Light+Building 2024

Architectural LED lighting manufacturer Anolis – A Robe Business – enjoyed a busy and positive 2024 Light+Building expo in Frankfurt, launching two new product ranges - Lyrae™ and Agame™ plus the new iProMotion, an IP65-rated moving head effects and video projector, as well as showcasing its current flagship ranges of Calumma™, Ambiane® and Eminere®.

The team enjoyed a steady buzz of visitors across the six-day event, seeing people working across the many and ever-diversifying sectors of architecture and built environments.

Anolis considers Light+Building to be among the most important architectural lighting exhibitions in Europe, and arguably worldwide. “We wanted to be there for multiple reasons,” explained Anolis product manager Bruno Francois, “one being to expand our influence and presence, and also to emphasise the significance of the architectural sector in its own right with its own special requirements.”

He added that Anolis products are being constantly developed and supported in the architectural world with help from input related to the wishes and needs of end users – architects, lighting designers and contracting customers – all providing critical feedback that is helping to drive product development.

The slick, clean, contemporary booth design incorporated both the new Lyrae and Agame product lines, integrating them seamlessly into its structure, in the process illustrating their effectiveness in situ.

Gentle curves, rounded edges and three elegant arches on the booth followed the organic ergonomics of the new Lyrae and Agame fixtures contrasting with the striking Anolis logo which has followed recent rebranding.

The new Anolis LyraeTM range makes challenging inground installations massively easier, starting with the LyraeTM XS Fix MC.

The high light output from its powerful LEDs can be harnessed with assorted optics, from narrow to wide with a bi-symmetrical option, and the fixtures can be fitted with anti-skid glass meeting the highest safety standards without any impact on the excellent colour mixing.

Anolis’ new AgameTM luminaire is an IP rated multifunctional solution specifically crafted to accentuate the perimeters of windows and arches. Available in 8W, it produces an impressively uniform monochromatic or RGBW / RGBA line of light, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any architectural facade. A 180° beam angle ensures even light distribution across a wide area.

The new iProMotion is a smart product that attracted plenty of attention – an IP65-rated moving head effects and video projector that combines dynamic content and movement, making it a unique, highly practical and usable product.

iProMotion is now available in both landscape and portrait configurations for indoor and outdoor use – so ideal for advertisements and commercials, retail promotions, shops, car showrooms, clubs and bars. It offers 1000 ANSI Lumens of output with a long-lasting LED source that is comparable to 5000 Lumens from the lamp-based unit, with RGB and CMY colour mixing capabilities, digital gobos, graphic effects, images and videos … plus several in-built effects.

The established CalummaTM, Ambiane® and Eminere® product ranges further illustrated the ingenuity of Anolis products.

Proudly made in Europe, Anolis was founded in 2005 and has always been ahead of the sustainability curve. Having all the production elements in house at the factory in the Czech Republic also offers the flexibility of producing custom variants if needed.

CalummaTM M & S fixtures are now available with asymmetric optics specifically designed for street, road, and pathway use, where unwanted glare reduction and light efficiency are paramount. The unit is engineered for pole mounted applications that optimise pole spacings and enhance sustainability.

The Ambiane® SP range has been expanded with an adjustable version of the downlight and a new pendant version which offer the same key features – homogenous light output, power balancing, 18-bit dimming and TV friendly green +/- control. Currently these are available in Pure White, Tuneable White, RGBW and Tungsten Dim formats.

The Ambiane® SP16 pendant remote – currently the smallest of the range – offers an efficient, powerful, and high-quality light for lower ceiling applications.

Most of the visitors to the stand were lighting designers and distributors on the lookout for products and new technologies.

With an array of high-profile installations and projects worldwide, Anolis has gained an excellent reputation for being cool and cutting-edge and is now offering its widest range of products to date for all applications.

The Anolis Team welcomed international visitors from all over Europe and further afield like Asia and Latin America, with Bruno commenting, “It was definitely busier than the 2022 Light+Building, and while there’s a way to go before we get back to pre-covid levels, we were very pleased with the event and with the quantity, quality and mix of attendees.”

Photo Credit: Pavel Nemec

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