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BMFL™ Blade
BMFL™ BladeBMFL™ Blade
Divine™ 60 UV
Divine™ 60 UVDivine™ 60 UV
Viva™ CMY
Viva™ CMYViva™ CMY

A team from innovative Netherlands-based show and design practice Live Legends including creative director Daan Oomen and lighting designer Jeffrey Goes, has delivered a stunning production design and complete visual environment for the brand new Beijing superclub, One Third.

To realise the huge expectations of all involved, it was imperative that premium brands were on the spec, so Daan and Jeffrey - both directors of Live Legends along with a third partner Ad de Haan - chose over 400 Robe moving lights to be an integral part of their ambitious visual plan.

Their brief was to produce a technical and aesthetic masterpiece that takes the whole concept of club design up several levels.

Live Legends has developed the full interior design as well as imagining and specifying a complete technical package – sound, lighting, video, lasers, special FX. They also co-ordinated the programming and commissioning with the characteristic passion and dedication synonymous with their name.

Daan and his kick-ass team are used to fashioning awesome projects, however at One Third the mission went a lot further!

They presented an edgy and industrial look – replete with steel pipes and stonework - and a world class immersive visual and sonic experience to blow minds, WOW discerning international and local clientele and be something completely different in a highly competitive marketplace.

The Robe fixtures fundamental to the styling of the space are a mix of Spiiders, VIVA CMYs, Spikies, Pointes, MiniPointes, BMFL Blades and Divine UV floods. They were selected for their flexibility and multi-functionality as well as for the expedient sizing, speed, and general robustness – imperative for the demands of any club installation!

The 1200 capacity venue which opened last month also has several motion controlled features, including a prominent moving bridge system which tracks above the dancefloor into different positions, complete with attached lighting, laser and video technology.

There are two DJ booths, one onstage and another one that can magically appear / retract behind a wall as and when needed. The main stage features a massive HD video wall which rotates in sections to reveal a matrix of Spikies on the reverse.

The rollercoaster of visual thrills continues in the main bar area which is flanked by two prominent LED pillars that can be raised to reveal dancers or performers on stages below, and there are many LED and video features throughout the space.

Two VIP areas positioned along each side of the main room can either be made discreet and private or opened up to offer revellers impressive panoramic views of the venue and the action below.

One Third’s owners and operators had specifically wanted to work with an international design team to build this extraordinary environment and to use the highest production values. Live Legends won the contract for several reasons including their impressive design portfolio and reputation for delivering superlative dance events, live extravaganzas and dramatic theatrical shows.

Daan started work on the project in March 2017 as soon as their creative proposals were green-lighted, and this followed an original approach to pitch for the project at the end of 2016.

He insisted that part of the deal as creative director was having the freedom to invest in high profile global brands like Robe, with the philosophy that this was the best path to put One Third on a par with other famous superclubs around the world with the potential to attract the leading international DJs and performers.

“We knew there could be no compromises in certain areas, and we had Robe in mind right from the start, as soon as the lighting picture started to evolve,” commented Jeffrey.

There was an emphasis on utilizing premium LED fixtures where possible for all the obvious reasons – looking cool, longevity, low maintenance and running costs - and fixtures like Robe’s new VIVA CMY profiles ticked all the boxes, along with the Spiiders and the 234 Spikies, all of which were perfect for the application.

On site during the installation, Daan and Jeffrey worked closely with local manager Maggie Lui. The lighting programmer was Bas Knappers and Live Legend’s onsite project manager co-ordinating everything for the hectic installation period … was Serge Patist.

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