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Software improvements of quiet mode behavior, PosiStageNet tracking, HCF TE module and more

Products Involved

ESPRITE® Fresnel
ESPRITE® FresnelESPRITE® Fresnel
T1 Profile FS™
T1 Profile FS™T1 Profile FS™
T1 Profile™
T1 Profile™T1 Profile™
T1 Fresnel™
T1 Fresnel™T1 Fresnel™
T1 PC™
T1 PC™T1 PC™
T2 Profile™
T2 Profile™T2 Profile™
T2 Profile FS™
T2 Profile FS™T2 Profile FS™
T2 Fresnel™
T2 Fresnel™T2 Fresnel™
T2 PC™
T2 PC™T2 PC™
LEDBeam 150™
LEDBeam 150™LEDBeam 150™
LEDBeam 150™ FW
LEDBeam 150™ FWLEDBeam 150™ FW
LEDWash 300™
LEDWash 300™LEDWash 300™
LEDWash 600™
LEDWash 600™LEDWash 600™
LEDWash 800X™
LEDWash 800X™LEDWash 800X™
LEDWash 600X™
LEDWash 600X™LEDWash 600X™
LEDWash 300X™
LEDWash 300X™LEDWash 300X™
LEDBeam 350™
LEDBeam 350™LEDBeam 350™
LEDBeam 350™ FW
LEDBeam 350™ FWLEDBeam 350™ FW

There have been many updates to the software of Robe devices adding new features to enhance functionality and improve their behavior. We have also published new and updated documentation including user manuals, technical bulletins and certification documents. See the article for all details.

Software updates

We have released many software updates, make sure to use the Robe Uploader to stay informed of the releases and their changelogs, here is a quick summary of the most interesting/important updates.


Improved Quiet mode update ensures that FORTE® fans remain as quiet as possible while giving the operator full possibilities to set the desired fan speeds. Focus tracking (gobo is kept focused while the zoom is moving) has been added, as well as support for Robe High Color Fidelity (HCF) Transferable Engine (TE) which comes with some exceptional properties like CRI and TLCI of 97. The fan and quiet mode related changes are affecting how PCBs communicate with each other, it is therefore important that when servicing the fixture, make sure to always update software after PCB replacement to bring the complete unit up-to-date.


The ESPRITE® family also got improvements for the Quiet mode settings and for the HCF TE modules. Tracking Focus has been improved on the ESPRITE® and it eliminates a bug from the initial implementation that would cause the optical elements to move back and forth after the adjustments.

LED Wash X Series

Robin LEDWash 300X, 600X and 800X have been updated to improve smooth soft pastel color mixing right after the power up. This improvement is right in line with the enhanced hardware for smoother dimming which the X series is utilizing.

Quiet mode improvements

We have already mentioned that FORTE® and ESPRITE® were among the units where the Quiet mode has been improved, but additional features and improvements to the Quiet mode behavior have also been added to Tarrantula™, LEDBeam 350™, Tetra1™ and Tetra2™, while our new devices already contain it from the start, where applicable.

Pan/Tilt movement improvements

We eliminated an unnecessary small movement after a slow pan/tilt transition, this was solved for Spikie® and LEDBeam 150™.


We have added the possibility to allow the shutter channel to pass through the RoboSpot™ upon start up and have also fixed strobe channel while the RoboSpot is deactivated. When switching between multiple cameras, zoom was sometimes reset to 100%, which was not intentional and thus has been fixed. FollowSpot camera was added to the list of supported channels available for mapping onto faders and jog-wheels. If a device is not supported by the Multi Device Control (MDC), the setup assistant will not show it, plus there is a message that there are some MDC unsupported devices on the DMX line. PosiStageNet (PSN) data is now sent on the Camera output RJ45, but also on the DMX Input Ethernet interface, allowing simpler integration with control systems. PSN settings now also provides option to set offset of the tracker coordinates, to move the zero point where needed.


ProMotion™ has also received a lot of new features, including setting for date & time from the menu plus four independent timers for stand alone auto run user programs. We also added touch screen calibration, keyboard mode when settings value in the display and temperature readout from the base. The Automatic Distance Measurement has been improved as was also the automatic keystoning.

Documentation updates

Service manuals

New service manuals have been released for LEDBeam 350™ and T2 Profile™ and also for the Eminere series, E-boxes and Ambiene XP56 (Recessed and Pendant) of Anolis, Robe's architectural lighting.

GDTF files

We have been steadily releasing new and updated files, you can get full list of them at the GDTF Share site.

Certification, user manuals, photometric and noise measurements

Many user manuals have been updated, so make sure to reach out to our website to always get the latest copy. Certification documents (including Declarations of conformity, TUV certificates and Authorizations to mark cETLus) have been updated and/or newly uploaded. We have also improved our noise measurements, which are now including data about Sound power levels and Sound pressure levels. Photometric diagrams are now also being enhanced, providing a unified colorometric datasheet which includes photometric report, TM30-18 report and TLCI reports.

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