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CycFX 8™
CycFX 8™CycFX 8™

Ljubljana based Event Lighting is one of the top lighting rental companies in Slovenia and also the one with the largest stock of Robe moving lights, with well over 200 fixtures now available, including a recent investment on some of the newest fixtures.

Pointes, MMX WashBeams, LEDWash 600s, LEDBeam 100s, CycFX 8s, PARfects and ROBIN 600E Spots are all in the inventory and flying in and out of the warehouse on numerous jobs, just as it should be in a busy rental company!

Owner Jernej Gustin reveals that 2015 has been such a good year that they needed the additional stock to keep up with the demand and ensure all the projects could receive the best lighting. He reckons that Robe is “At the top of its game right now … and it is appearing more and more frequently on the equipment riders – both national and international – that we are seeing”.

Apart from the demand, he is investing continually in more of the latest Robe products because he believes the brand is delivering genuinely interesting and innovative LED products to the market.

As well as providing lighting equipment for shows and events, Event Lighting also creates designs and works regularly with around 4 top-notch LDs, all of whom also love working with Robe fixtures.

The CycFX 8s are a recent addition to the company that were an instant hit with the LDs and clients. “I really needed a fixture for lighting cyc and other large surfaces instead of classic tungsten,” explained Jernej.

They have also been used as footlights in theatres where not needing any gels is another cost-cutting benefit together with the power saving. They work really well and offer a lot more flexibility than traditional options as well as making great effects on TV or concert stages.

Event Lighting is regularly supplying some of Slovenia’s most popular TV shows with moving lights, including the X-Factor and The Voice, both produced by commercial TV channel POP TV.

They also service projects in Croatia and Austria and recent events have included the Urban Art Forms Festival in Wieson, Austria and an exclusive tour with Slovenian avant-garde industrial band Laibach – who recently made headlines and received the rare accolade of being invited to perform in North Korea. Event Lighting supported their 2015 European tour with a floor package.

They supplied a new production of Mamma Mia with a full Robe moving light rig for a design by Gregor ‘Grga’ Smrdelj comprising ROBIN 600E Spots, LEDWash 600s, CycFX 8s, LEDBeam 100s and MMX WashBeams. The first 20 shows were staged in Ljubljana and Portorož and being completely sold out, there’s now talk of another 40 or so being planned!

Jernej mentions the excellent service from Robe’s Slovenian distributor MK Light Sound and the fact that Robe offers a good price to performance ratio, which is important in small countries like Slovenia, where all investments are carefully considered and have to be appropriate for the nuances of the market.

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